Cluster Headache Overview

Episodic and chronic cluster headache

There are 2 types of cluster headache: episodic and chronic. Most sufferers—80%-90%–have episodic cluster headache. While episodic cluster headache has alternating periods with or without attacks, chronic cluster headache normally lasts more than 1 year with no remission or remission that’s less than one month.1

Icon of episodic cluster headache

Episodic cluster headache

Icon of chronic cluster headache

Chronic cluster headache

Patients are looking for new treatments

Despite the debilitating nature of cluster headache, many patients are not optimally treated with current options, and they need new treatments. A recent survey revealed deep dissatisfaction among cluster headache sufferers.2*

Chart of treatment dissatisfaction
  • In addition, 71.1% of respondents felt their current acute treatments were not easy or convenient to use2

  • 80% of respondents said safety was a concern in selecting a treatment option2

  • All respondents expressed a desire for new acute treatments2

*Survey conducted in October 2016 to assess the impressions and perspectives on current treatments and interest in new acute treatment options. A total of 291 subjects participated in the survey, with 177 of them suffering from episodic cluster headaches and 111 suffering from chronic cluster headaches, and 3 patients refrained from answering this question.

References: 1. Rossi P, Whelan J, Craven A, Ruiz De La Torre E. What is cluster headache? Fact sheet for patients and their families. A publication to mark Cluster Headache Day 2016. Funct Neurol. 2016;31(3):181-183. 2. Data on file. electroCore, LLC.