gammaCore Effectiveness

gammaCore is an innovative,
non-drug treatment for episodic cluster headache patients

Clinical studies have shown that gammaCore (nVNS) often works within 15 minutes, providing fast, reliable relief from cluster headache pain.1,2

Icon of 15 minute duration on clock

When gammaCore worked within 15 minutes, the pain relief was sustained without the use of additional abortive medications1,2

Icon of relief across mutiple attacks

Many patients experienced reliable relief from cluster headache pain across multiple attacks1,2

Icon of reduction of duration and intensity

Many episodic cluster headache patients who were treated with gammaCore experienced a reduction in the duration and intensity of their attacks1,2

References: 1. Silberstein SD, Mechtler LL, Kudrow DB, et al; ACT1 Study Group. Non-invasive vagus nerve stimulation for the acute treatment of cluster headache: findings from the randomized, double-blind, sham-controlled ACT1 study. Headache. 2016;56(8):1317-1332. 2. gammaCore Instructions for Use. Basking Ridge, NJ: electroCore, LLC ; 2017.