Patient Support

Comprehensive patient support for treatment with gammaCore

We understand what you’re going through, and we’re here to help every step of the way. gammaCARE—our patient support program—is here to answer any questions you may have about gammaCore (nVNS), how to use the device, or explain your insurance benefits. gammaCARE support tools include:

  • gammaCARE eConnect: a secure online portal with 24/7 access to valuable patient resources
    • An interactive eConnect tracker to help you and your doctor monitor your progress
    • Occasional alerts, email reminders, and practical treatment tips
    • An online video tutorial that provides detailed instructions on how to use gammaCore
    • Additional educational materials to help you learn more about topics such as gammaCore, vagus nerve stimulation, and cluster headache
  • gammaCARE Call Connect (1-888-903-CORE): Talk to a Care Specialist who can answer your gammaCore questions over the phone and provide one-on-one gammaCore training
  • Insurance Support: A Care Specialist can help you navigate the insurance and reimbursement process
  • gammaCARE Co-pay Assist: Qualified patients may be able to receive help covering their co-pays
gammaCARE patient support program

How to get gammaCore

After a qualified physician prescribes gammaCore, the prescription is sent to a specialty pharmacy partner who schedules a direct delivery of gammaCore to your home.

If you qualify for gammaCore Patient Registry (GPR), you may be eligible to receive up to 2 months of gammaCore free and up to 1 year of co-pay assistance. To find out how to receive gammaCore and if you qualify for GPR, please contact gammaCARE Call Connect at 1-888-903-CORE.

Get convenient direct access to home delivery

While gammaCore is not a drug, you will need to get a new device every month, like a prescription refill.

  • Each device will function for 31 days, by which time you should have your refill in hand
  • Your gammaCore prescription is filled through a specialty pharmacy
  • A gammaCARE Care Specialist will work with you directly to refill your non-drug gammaCore prescription and ship your next gammaCore kit right to your door
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Your physician will write a prescription for gammaCore

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You will receive a welcome call from a Care Specialist to talk about your insurance coverage

Icon of how to get gammaCore

The specialty pharmacy will deliver gammaCore to your home

Icon of how to get gammaCore

You will receive a call from a Care Specialist to train you on how to use gammaCore